Band Rehearsals Edinburgh @Music Base

Music base offers Edinburgh's premier band rehearsal complex. Music base is Edinburgh's brand new music industry hub featuring our rehearsal complex, 2 state of the art recording studios, music tuition, Band Rehearsal Space, photography studio, videography suite and a bar/social area with live performance stage. The centre replaces the old Great Junction Street Recording Studios and has undergone a massive refurbishment.

The centre is run by David Whitmey with 15 years experience in the live music industry with a client list from Take That and Mika to The Wanted and many more.

We offer 4 custom built, acoustically conditioned Music Recording Studio and band rehearsal studios all with brand new professional equipment.

Our 2 hourly hire rooms come with 5 piece drum kit (and hardware), 2 guitar amps, bass amp, PA system and mics included in the cost of the room. Cymbal/instrument and extra mics can all be hired on site.

Our 2 full-time hire rooms offer 7 day a week unlimited rehearsals for serious bands. Rooms are sublet per month and can be accessed from 10.00 - 00.00.

On site there is also a spares shop and a tuck shop.

Our band rehearsal rooms have an audio link through to our 2 separate state of the art recording studios. Please contact us at or call 0131 555 4094 for more details.


125 Great junction Street,
EH6 5JB,
Tel: 0131 555 4094


Here's a list of the gear in our hourly hire rehearsal studios:

  • Mapex Mars 5 piece drum kit (cymbal hire £5 per session)
  • Fender Champion 100 watt guitar amp
  • VoxValvetronic guitar amp
  • Ashdown ABM500 bass guitar amp head
  • Ashdown bass guitar Cab
  • Mackie Thump 15 Vocal PA system
  • Mackie Pro FX 12 Mixer with onboard FX and unique self record USB option
  • 2 Beyerdynamic TG350d microphones (£1.50 additional mic charge for more than 2 microphones)

Current prices

(Our prices include all of the above unless stated)

*Brand new £5 per hour deal monday-friday 9am-2pm*
Price: £10 per hour before 4pm monday-friday. £14 per hour all other times (3 hours for £30 deal available Sat-Sun).