Edinburgh's No1 Practice room facility

Music base Edinburgh is a brand new practice room and creative music complex located in Leith, Edinburgh.

The centre replaces the old Great Junction Street Recording Studios and is set to become the new hub for music practice rooms in Edinburgh and Lothians.

We offer 4 fully soundproofed practice roomsfeaturing brand new equipment throughout. A 5 piece drum kit (and hardware), 2 guitar amps, bass amp, PA system and Mics are all included in the cost of the rooms. Cymbal/instrument and extra mics can all be hired on site.

We also have a tuck shop/spares shop and chill area at the centre.

There are also 2 recording studio facilities, a brand new photography suite, videography agency, tuition, music media companies and a lounge/bar area with our exclusive live performance stage all in-house at Music Base. Please contact us at the details below for more information about these services.


125 Great junction Street,
EH6 5JB,
Tel: 0131 555 4094
Email: info@music-base.co.uk
Website: www.music-base.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/musicbaseedinburgh


Heres a list of the gear in our hourly hire rehearsal studios:

  • Mapex Mars 5 piece drum kit (cymbal hire £5 per session)
  • Fender Champion 100 watt guitar amp
  • VoxValvetronic guitar amp
  • Ashdown ABM500 bass guitar amp head
  • Ashdown bass guitar Cab
  • Mackie Thump 15 Vocal PA system
  • Mackie Pro FX 12 Mixer with onboard FX and unique self record USB option
  • 2 Beyerdynamic TG350d microphones (£1.50 additional mic charge for more than 2 microphones)

Current prices

(Our prices include all of the above unless stated)

*Brand new £5 per hour deal monday-friday 9am-2pm*
Price: £10 per hour before 4pm monday-friday. £14 per hour all other times (3 hours for £30 deal available Sat-Sun).