Edinburgh's no1 Rehearsal Studio

Music base rehearsals is a brand new rehearsal studio complex at Music Base, 125 Great Junction Street, Leith, Edinburgh.

We offer 4 custom built music rehearsal studios - all acoustically treated and sound proofed. Each room is kitted out with brand new gear (October 2014) so that we can guarantee the finest of rehearsal equipment in Edinburgh. There's no need to bring any backline equipment - the rooms come with a Vocal PA system, mics, 2 guitar amps, bass rig and a 5 piece drum kit and its all incuded in the price of the rehearsal studio.

All rooms are sized (8 metres by 4.5 metres) to accommodate larger bands and ensembles and each room offers recording facilities - either through the unique self-record USB record option on each mixing desk or direct audio links to our 2 state of the art recording studios.

Music Base is the new hub for music creation and rehearsals in Edinburgh, run by musical director/producer/writer David Whitmey who's client list includes Mika, Take That, The Wanted, Union J, KT Tunstall, Lawson and many more. We feature recording studios, rehearsal studios, music tuition and a huge photography/videography suite; all in-house. Not to mention a bar, lounge and a live performance stage!

For more information on our recording studios please contact us at info@music-base.co.uk or call us on 0131 555 4094. We can offer a range of recording packages from production and mixing to pristine quality tracking and full band recording. Our CV is extensive and includes some of the biggest names in international music.

Our opening hours:

10.00 hrs - 00.00 hrs 7 days a week.
We have a tuck-shop and a instrument spares shop on site for all your rehearsal needs!


125 Great junction Street, Edinburgh, EH6 5JB
Tel: 0131 555 4094
Email: info@music-base.co.uk
Website: www.music-base.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/musicbaseedinburgh


Our gear list

Here's a list of our current rehearsal room gear (all brand new October 2014):

  • Mapex Mars 5 piece drum kit and hardware (including kick pedal and cymbal/hi hat stands)
  • Fender Champion 100 watt guitar amp
  • VoxValvetronic guitar amp
  • Ashdown ABM500 bass guitar amp head
  • Ashdown bass guitar Cab
  • Mackie Thump 15 Vocal PA system
  • Mackie Pro FX 12 Mixer with onboard FX and unique self record USB option
  • 2 Beyerdynamic TG350d microphones

Our rehearsal prices

(Our prices include all of the above unless stated)

*Brand new £5 per hour deal monday-friday 9am-2pm*
Price: £10 per hour before 4pm monday-friday. £13 per hour all other times (3 hours for £28 deal available Sat-Sun).